Editing Services

The professional editing of manuscripts for commercial publication is our core strength and the foundation of our business.

Editing for Publication

Strong editing is also a major component of most successful publications and is especially valued by the book world’s biggest selling and most critically acclaimed authors.

Our purpose at Border Scripts is to offer to both authors and publishers the same standard of editing that would typically be lavished on a lead fiction title at a major publishing house. This is not simply a ‘copy-edit’, as many businesses offering editing services to authors and publishers seem to suggest. The sound but narrow disciplines of copy-editing amount to only the basics. Successful, professionally published authors rely on their editors for so much more than that. Book and script editing is a thorough, patient and highly collaborative process demanding a true partnership with authors and an affinity with their work.

We believe that our approach to editing is something rare and special: something that has never been offered to non-contracted writers before.

Should you wish us to consider working with a Border Scripts editor to make your book the best that it can be, do contact us to secure a no-obligation quotation. Costs cover the provision of two meetings with authors or publishers and significant discounts can be made for writers who have already partaken of our manuscript assessment services and whose style and projects are already familiar to us.

General Editing and Proofreading Services for Businesses, Organisations and Individuals

Several of our editors combine their proficiency in the use of English with practical familiarity with technical and or business terminology and can often transform the most basic or mundane report, document or brochure into something that is highly impacting and engaging.

So, we also provide help with professional business proposals, academic papers, theses and dissertations, corporate literature, speeches and addresses, advertising copy and press releases - anything, in fact that is written in English and might benefit from the level of linguistic enhancement we can provide. All such assistance is provided on a fully confidential basis

If you have something that might benefit from this kind of treatment, email us or use our Contact Us portal to tell us what you need and the number of words in your text. We will respond within 48 hrs with a cost and turnaround time. We may even be able to treat a small sample for you as a gratis, no-obligation demonstration of what we can do for you.

We invite you to peruse our site and consider if there is anything that may be of practical help to you. Feel free to contact us in pursuit of further details or with questions of any kind.

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